Our Agents in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

The Coakley family has been synonymous with excellence and dedication in the residential and commercial real estate industry in Virginia, DC, and Maryland since 1925.

Our agents bring professionalism, integrity, and expert knowledge to every interaction with our clients because we believe the most successful real estate transactions result from a trusted partnership.

We have deep roots and connections in the local community and provide strategic advice to our customers that is invaluable in today’s market. We continue to build relationships with the families and businesses in our area through streamlined support and leadership.

With our outstanding real estate and property management services, it’s no wonder we’re the premier full-service real estate firm in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Coakley Realty’s investment in our clients and team alike comes from a genuine commitment to the growth of our community.

To learn more about Coakley Realty’s services and the ways we can help your family or business, call us at (301) 340-8700, contact us online, or contact one of our expert agents listed below:

Chris Nagel
Meet Agent Chris Nagel
Frank S. Anastasi
H. Steve Masoudpour
Jonathan Triandafilou (JT)
Joseph McLeod
Meet Agent Joseph McLeod
Kathleen Caulfield Meyer
Kelly Corbey
Meet Agent Kelly Corbey
Larry Pendleton
Meet Agent Larry Pendleton
Lori Maggin
Meet Agent Lori Maggin
Melissa Watts
(301) 802-3793
(301) 340-8700
Meet Agent Melissa Watts
Michael P. Rose
301-637-2617 x1103
Meet Agent Michael P. Rose
Michelle A. Gray
Meet Agent Michelle A. Gray
Nicole Schreibstein Simon
Paul Carroccio
Meet Agent Paul Carroccio
Rod H. Yassin
Meet Agent Rod H. Yassin
Rory P. Coakley
Meet Agent Rory P. Coakley
Rory S. Coakley
Direct: 301-637-2604
Cell: 301-758-8130
Meet Agent Rory S. Coakley
Shaila Shareem
Meet Agent Shaila Shareem
Shea FitzGerald
Meet Agent Shea FitzGerald
Stephanie Lovett
Meet Agent Stephanie Lovett
Susan Vitale Greynolds
Tom Nalls
Meet Agent Tom Nalls
Ursula Odiaga Iannone
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William Ferguson
Meet Agent William Ferguson