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How to Be the Ideal Tenant

Posted on: 29 May, 2018

When you are renting an apartment or a home, it is important to have a good rapport with the landlord, especially if it is your first rental. The rental market can be quite competitive, and if you have glowing references...

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Top 5 Real Estate Trends to Watch in the Washington, DC Metro Area

Posted on: 09 January, 2018

1. DC Housing Market Remains Hot As politics continues to heat up, so have the property needs of the folks moving into this industry town. What a great opportunity for real estate agents to capitalize upon. The DC housing market...

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How to Rent Out a Single Unit at an Apartment or Condo

Posted on: 28 December, 2017

While many rental property owners manage entire apartment complexes, you may just be interested in buying a single apartment or condo unit to rent out. This can provide some extra monthly income and serve as a stepping stone on your...

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Tips for Managing Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties

Posted on: 23 August, 2017

Managing a commercial real estate investment property is often a much greater challenge than managing a residential property. As someone interested in investment property management, you’re most likely well aware of the challenges that you’ll face. But that doesn’t mean...

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Best Industries for Commercial Real Estate in Montgomery County

Posted on: 31 July, 2017

According to the Maryland Department of Commerce¹, Montgomery County is “the most populous and affluent jurisdiction, main economic engine, and most stable office market” in the entire state. Located right above Washington, DC, it is also known as a “federal...

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How Can I Structure My 1031 Exchange?

Posted on: 14 March, 2017

For both new and even experienced investors, handling and structuring a 1031 Exchange can seem daunting. But at Coakley Realty, our experts are devoted to helping you learn the simplest, most effective ways of getting it all taken care of....

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How Can I Find a Rental Property?

Posted on: 17 February, 2017

Finding a rental property in Maryland can be fairly challenging. Okay, maybe very challenging. Your needs are entirely unique, and in a huge, ever-shifting market, it can be exceedingly hard to figure out the best way to get the sort...

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Montgomery County Radon Testing Requirement: Impact to Home Sales

Posted on: 25 October, 2016

Effective October 1, 2016, a Montgomery County law goes into effect requiring radon test screenings for all single family homes and townhouses (not part of a condo association or cooperative) within the county prior to sales closing. Radon is an...

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