Real Estate Portfolio Management

Choosing to tackle investment property can be one of the single most lucrative and rewarding experiences for business owners and even small-time investors alike. There is huge potential for growth, returns on investing, and overall prosperity. But in order to achieve this, certain goals must be not only met, but perfectly maintained.

The industry-leading real estate and property management team at Coakley Realty has been helping investors successfully purchase, maintain, and sell investment property for nearly a century. Our experts can help you reach your goals with superior knowledge and quality, and only our team boasts a one-stop toolkit covering all of your needs for successful investment and returns!

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Our Investment Property Purchase & Sales Services

Our team brings everything you need for a perfect transaction of investment property. No matter whether you’re purchasing to sell, retain for rentals, or embark on other investment options, we can help you achieve the integral goals of successful investing by:

  • Offering superior data and market information availability for buyers
  • Marketing your property correctly when selling/renting
  • Qualifying and retaining the best tenants if applicable
  • Providing enovation and maintenance for your property to keep it in top condition
  • And much more!

Our experts have handled countless successful investment property accounts with clients looking for:

  • Residential investment property
  • Commercial investment property
  • Property purchased for renovation and resale
  • And various other niche property investment opportunities

Our services were created to meet your every property management and account management need. This means we have all of your bases covered, allowing you to stress less and focus solely on the growth and success of your business or investment venture! Our services include:

Tenant Management

  • Property marketing and leasing
  • Lease administration
  • Tenant qualifications
  • Collections

Building Maintenance and Renovation

  • Establishment and maintenance of building service contracts
  • 24-hour emergency maintenance service
  • Inspections
  • Contractor management

Financial Reporting & Services

  • Budgeting
  • Rent rolls
  • Monthly reporting and financial statements management
  • Balance sheets
  • Direct deposit
Choose the experts in residential
and commercial real estate

The Advantages of Our Management Services

Coakley Realty’s property management and investment services are geared toward bringing you the best. Through our wide knowledge base, superior local market intel and networks, and decades of experience, we can help make your venture successful and prosperous, no matter the scope or scale of your goals.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a single residential property for resale or a large-scale commercial business operation, our services can be customized to meet your needs and provide you with all of the knowledge, assets, and services you need to guarantee a successful, stress-free operation.

Investment Property Sales and Purchase in Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

In the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas, no other real estate professionals boast our track record, skill, or knowledge. If you’re considering investing in the DC metro area, there’s no team better suited to helping you achieve your goals! Contact our experts today to learn more or to set a date for your comprehensive investment services in our area!