Real Estate Tax Appeals in Washington, DC

Are you paying more in real estate taxes than you should be in Washington? At Coakley Realty, we have helped property owners save millions of dollars in property taxes by filing real estate tax appeals. Property tax assessments are done are done once a year in Washington, DC. Upon receiving the assessment, you’re allowed to file a real estate tax appeal which can affect your taxes for several years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about how real estate tax appeals can help save you money in Washington, DC, call the experts at Coakley Realty today—our number is 301-340-8700!

How We Can Help with Your Real Estate Taxes Appeals in Washington

At Coakley Realty, we believe you should only pay your fair share when it comes to real estate taxes. Local assessment offices are often understaffed and overworked—they can struggle to handle the thousands of properties they are required to assess. This can mean bad news for you! Whether it is due to the assessor being unaware of specific conditions affecting a property or human error, when there are problems with your real estate tax assessments, it’s money out of your pocket.

However, challenging an assessor’s opinion takes expert training in areas such as appraisals, state and local mandates, approaches to value, and negotiations, as well as understanding the assessment office’s techniques. At Coakley Realty, we have been performing real estate tax appeals for more than 23 years, and we have the expertise and resources to help save you money.

Before filing any real estate tax appeals, we will provide a free consultation—all you need to provide is a copy of your real estate assessment notice or tax bill. We believe in accurately reviewing tax assessments before deciding whether or not a case is worthy of an appeal. When your real estate assessment is appealed successfully, it can mean minimizing operating costs and increasing the cash flow and value.

Why Choose Coakley Realty for Your Real Estate Tax Appeal in Washington?

We are currently processing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate tax appeals. Our success with real estate tax appeals is evident by the number of clients we maintain and the strong referral base we’ve built from satisfied customers. The highly experienced real estate professionals on our team can review your real estate tax assessments and give educated and knowledgeable recommendations based on your situation as to whether or not a real estate tax appeal would be the right choice for you.

If you live in Washington and suspect your real estate tax assessment is higher than it should be or that it is incorrect, contact Coakley Realty today! We can provide a free consultation and help you save money!