Commercial Real Estate Company in Northwest, DC

If you’re in the market for commercial real estate services, including buying, selling, appraisals, property management, and more, there’s only one name you need to know—Coakley Realty. For over two decades, the talented and experienced professionals at Coakley Realty have been assisting buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in Northwest, District of Columbia.

Some of our commercial real estate services include:

  • Buying commercial property
  • Selling commercial property
  • Leasing and managing commercial property
  • Appraising commercial real estate
  • Appealing commercial real estate taxes
  • Managing commercial investment properties
  • Providing commercial real estate litigation support

No matter what services you need, our commercial real estate company serving Northwest, DC has you covered. Contact us online today to learn more about our services or call 301-340-8700.

Our Commercial Real Estate Services in Northwest

Coakley Realty is a full-service commercial real estate company serving Northwest, DC, and our team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you with any service you require, including (but not limited to) the following:

Buying commercial property – our real estate professionals can help you find and purchase a commercial property in Northwest. Not only do we fully understand the process of buying a commercial property, but we have connections in the industry that allow us to find the ideal location, building, and price for you.

Selling commercial property – if you’re ready to sell your commercial property, Coakley Realty can help you find the right buyer. Our commercial real estate company has experience both buying and selling commercial properties, so we know how to market your property effectively.

Leasing and managing commercial property – owning commercial property, such as an office building or apartment, can be very time-consuming and difficult. At Coakley Realty, we can take the stress of managing a commercial property off your shoulders by offering our expert commercial property management services.

Appraising commercial real estate – there are many reasons for a commercial real estate appraisal, including estimating a fair market value, refinancing, managing assets, buying out a partner, and more. No matter the reason, our commercial property management company can provide quick and convenient appraisal services.

Appealing commercial real estate taxes – if you think you’re paying more in commercial real estate taxes in Northwest than you should be, call Coakley Realty. We believe you should only pay your fair share when it comes to real estate taxes, and if we find your case worthy of a commercial real estate tax appeal, we’ll do our best to help you lower your costs.

Managing commercial real estate investment properties – not only is buying a commercial investment property a big commitment, successfully managing it requires skill, time, and dedication. At Coakley Realty, we have all three—as well as a team of highly experienced real estate agents who can help you purchase your commercial investment property.

Providing commercial real estate litigation support – our commercial real estate company serving Northwest can provide litigation support for any of your properties. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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If you’re interested in any commercial real estate services in Northwest, DC, contact Coakley Realty today. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell commercial property, manage investment properties, or submit a commercial real estate tax appeal, our dedicated experts can help. Call today at 301-340-8700!