Tenant Management Services

Properly maintaining and managing tenants is the single most critical aspect of growing an investment property business. Tenants are essentially the heartbeat of your cash flow and can make or break a business in a hurry. To help facilitate perfect, stress-free tenant/owner relationships, Coakley Realty offers comprehensive tenant management services.

Since 1925, the team at Coakley Realty has been offering buyers, investors, and property owners the absolute best in property and business management services. We take great pride in our ability to be your single-source for all successful business services!

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Tenant Management Services in DC, MD & VA

Our tenant management services are guaranteed to provide everything you need to help build a healthy, successful business. We take every aspect of you and your tenant’s needs to heart, allowing you to focus on your goals while we handle the rest! Our services include:

Property Marketing and Leasing

Attracting high-quality tenants is essential to a healthy investment property business. You want the best tenants possible—ones who are trustworthy, retainable, and intend to fulfill their portion of a healthy business relationship. To do this, a superior marketing strategy is critical. Getting you and your property out on the market flawlessly, cleanly, and with a clear and understandable lease format is a true key, and one we can help you maximize.

Lease Administration

From the initial structure of your lease, to carrying out its intended role, proper lease administration ensures your business continues to run smoothly and helps your relationship with your tenants remain a positive one. Our team can help you create and execute a lease and all of the duties they entail in exacting detail, helping your business to succeed and grow.

Tenant Qualifications

To have a good business, you must have good tenants. Respectful, law-abiding tenants aren’t rare by any means, but finding the perfect tenants to suit your space can be somewhat of a challenge at times. Finding the “wrong” tenants can subject you to massive periods of loss, and can make even the most successful of businesses backslide. Our rigorous tenant qualification process helps to protect you and your tenants both, providing an environment that seeks to build and maintain a healthy business relationship all around.


The collection of fees, rents, and other forms of compensation can be a huge trap to many business and property owners. The paperwork, leg work, and administration involved often stymies the growth of otherwise excellently successful businesses. Let our expert team assist you with timely, effective collection management services that guarantee to keep your business running smoothly and stress-free.

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Tenant Management Services in the DC Metro Area

Coakley Realty is proud to provide our clients with the best service, quality, and knowledge available in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. If you need tenant management services, or other property management services, we’re the experts for you! Contact our team today to learn more, or to set up an appointment for your property management needs!