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Now Is the Time to Start Thinking About Lower Real Estate Taxes

Are you paying more real estate taxes than you should be?

Did you know you can appeal your real estate taxes and assessments every year? In the state of Maryland, properties are assessed once every three years, and they are assessed annually in Virginia and Washington, DC—notices are sent out during the first quarter. Upon notice of the new assessment, property owners may file an appeal that may help lower their real estate taxes for several years into the future. During out-of-cycle years in Maryland, property owners may file a petition for review of their assessment as long as it is filed by the appropriate deadline.

Choosing the Right Company for Real Estate Tax Appraisals

At Coakley Realty, we believe you should pay only your fair share of real estate taxes. Local assessment offices are typically understaffed, and they struggle to handle the thousands of properties they are required to assess. Over-assessment may occur when the assessors are unaware of specific conditions affecting a property or when an error occurs. If you don’t file a tax appeal, this could mean unnecessary money coming out of your pocket.

Coakley Realty has the needed expertise and resources to appeal your tax assessment to your fullest benefit. Challenging an assessor’s opinion takes expert training and knowledge in areas such as appraisals, state and local mandates, approaches to value, negotiations, and knowledge of the assessment office’s techniques.

Coakley Realty charges no fee unless you receive lower real estate taxes and save money. We believe in our ability to accurately review your tax assessment to decide if you have a case worthy of appeal. That way, we’ll only file a tax appeal for you if you’re very likely to see a return.

Successfully appealing your tax assessment means minimizing your operating costs and increasing cash flow and value. By conducting thorough reviews and successfully appealing the tax assessments of our clients, Coakley Realty has helped property owners get lower real estate taxes and save millions of dollars in property taxes.

Coakley Realty is presently processing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of tax appeals. Our success in the real estate tax appeal business is evident by the number of clients we maintain and the strong referral base built from satisfied customers. We are confident in our ability to achieve lower real estate taxes for your property with our tax appeal services.

If you suspect your real estate assessment is too high or incorrect, please contact us today for a free consultation—all we need to determine whether or not a tax appeal is right for you is a copy of your real estate assessment notice or tax bill.

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