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Meet Larry Pendleton: Bringing a Passionate, Personable Style to Montgomery County Real Estate

Larry Pendleton has built a career dedicated to a key tenet of the real estate industry – relationships. A third-generation Washingtonian himself, Larry is a proud local expert on Montgomery County. Larry brings an unmatched passion for building relationships with his clients that transcend generations, and is a powerful source of knowledge and experience.

Larry leverages his more than 25 years of real estate expertise for each client he serves. An authority on all aspects of the selling process, Larry goes above and beyond to help his clients enter the market in the best possible shape. Not only does Larry help you navigate the selling process, but in cases where it’s identified that a property may need improvements to get the best return, Larry has a full network of contacts and contractors who can get the job done quickly.

As spring is now in full swing, Larry believes the DC area will continue to experience a robust seller’s market. Low inventory and a rising demand among Millennial buyers looking to get out of crowded urban areas creates increased competition for homes. Larry is enjoying helping young buyers find the perfect older home, where they can visualize the potential and through their own updating make them their own.

Another significant benefit of working with Larry is his mortgage expertise and ability to advise clients on the financial side of the industry. As he puts it, ‘mortgages taught him tangible math.’ This, coupled with his deep understanding of how to assess a borrower’s full financial picture, from the steps to properly document a loan to balancing risk and details from both the buyer and lender sides, has enabled Larry to deliver even greater value to his clients. Larry has worked with attorneys in probate/estate situations to help update properties for fast, effective sales while harnessing his relationship focus to be sensitive to the factors in play between the families and the attorneys.

A Marine Corps Veteran, Larry is a true advocate for clients from the military community. He is devoted to the military and Veteran communities, and proudly hosts a Marine Corps Birthday Lunch event every November to celebrate the shared bonds of service and brotherhood.

Larry’s passion for people is at the core of his real estate success. In addition to the clients and the generations of their families he serves, Larry prides himself on his nationwide network of contacts he can leverage to help clients when they relocate from the DC area or if they need specialized services or expertise at any point.

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