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Quarter Century with Coakley Realty: Hitting the 10-Year Mark

During 2014, as Coakley Realty, Inc. celebrates a quarter century in business, we’re pausing to look back while we continue to move forward with our “one stop shop” approach to meeting all of your real estate needs. We hope you will enjoy Part Two of our series, in which we look at what was happening in the nation, around the world, and at Coakley Realty from 1994 through 1998.

What Happened in 1994

  • 50th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy and the beginning of the end of the Second World War.
  • Haiti invaded by U.S.: democracy restored.
  • Major League Baseball Players Association begins 232-day strike, causing 1994 season to be cancelled.
  • The Whitewater scandal investigation begins.
  • Netscape Navigator released and quickly becomes market leader for browsing the web.
  • Fed’s interest rate is 8.50 percent at year end.
  • After a meticulous spreadsheet evaluation of office space in Kensington, Bethesda, and Rockville, Coakley Realty settles on 1,050 square feet in the new Victoria Condominium in Rockville Town Center.

What Happened in 1995

  • Car bomb devastates Oklahoma City Federal Building, killing 168 people.
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 5,000; closes the year at 5,117.
  • O.J. Simpson is found innocent.
  • Federal workers are sent home when there is no money to pay them during U.S. budget deadlock.
  • U.S. space shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian Mir space station for the first time.
  • Grateful Dead announces break-up.
  • Rory S. Coakley now has seven full-time agents working with him.

What Happened in 1996

  • Bill Clinton is re-elected to a second term as President of the United States.
  • Number of users on the Internet exceeds 10 million; eBay and Ask Jeeves are launched.
  • Mad Cow Disease strikes Great Britain.
  • Average cost of a new house in U.S. is $118,200.
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan questions whether the stock market is overvalued.
  • Summer Olympics are held in Atlanta, GA.
  • As Coakley Realty continues to grow, the company expands its office space in the Victoria Condominium in Rockville Town Center from 1,050 square feet to 1,550 square feet.

What Happened in 1997

  • Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in a car accident in Paris; her funeral is watched by 1.5 billion people around the world.
  • Gas prices in the U.S. hit $1.22 per gallon.
  • Microsoft becomes the world’s most valuable company, valued at $261 billion.
  • Stock markets around the world crash; in response to a 554.26 point free fall on November 24th, New York Stock Exchange officials put a halt to trading.
  • Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match and is suspended from boxing.
  • Scientists in Scotland reveal the first successful cloning of an adult mammal, a sheep named Dolly.
  • Coakley Realty’s sales are increasing at an average rate of 28 percent per year since 1994.

What Happened in 1998

  • President Bill Clinton denies he had “sexual relations” with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, but later admits it; Clinton is impeached later in the year for perjury and obstruction of justice.
  • Free Willy star Keiko, an orca whale, goes to Iceland for eventual release back into the wild.
  • U.S. launches cruise missile strikes against al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan.
  • First budget surplus in 30 years is announced by U.S.
  • Europeans agree on a single currency: the Euro.
  • Google, the internet search engine, is founded.
  • Rory S. Coakley is elected President of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, Coakley Realty’s staff has expanded from one to 12 since its founding in 1989.  

For 25 years, Coakley Realty has been hitting the mark when it comes to meeting changing real estate needs in the DC metro area. Any time you have a need for our services, we’re on the mark and ready to make a difference for you!

Next up in our flashback series: years 1999 to 2003. We’d love to hear about your own personal or business milestones during this timeframe. Give us a shout!

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