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Frank Anastasi Welcomes You


Hi Friends and Neighbors.

I want to share the news with you that I am now a Licensed Real Estate Agent. I’ve joined Coakley Realty, Rockville’s Hometown Realtor, conveniently located right downtown in Courthouse Square.

Frank knows Rockville; Coakley knows Real Estate.

I moved to Rockville in 1970, went to Julius West, and met my first girlfriend in 8th Grade Algebra class. Then it was Richard Montgomery, and a degree from the University of Maryland. I married that girlfriend in 1980. After graduate school in Idaho, and a few years in Howard County, we settled in the West End in 1990 and began raising three kids.

Since then, I’ve walked, pushed strollers, biked or driven down probably every street in Rockville. I’ve loved discovering the hidden corners of our diverse neighborhoods, and seeing the many different homes all across town. And over the years, I didn’t pass by many Open House signs.

I’ve met so many of you through our kids’ schools, coaching or watching youth sports, Scouts, church, and all kinds of civic activities. Through all this, I have really come to know the people of Rockville, how much we get from our community, and how much we put back into it. If you know me, you know what a big proponent I am of Rockville. And now, I can promote your real estate interests here. What a natural evolution!

Rory Coakley started his firm 20 years ago after working in the family’s Coakley & Williams Construction Company and getting degrees in Finance from Georgetown University and Real Estate and Urban Development from American University. Since then, Coakley Realty has become known as the single source for the full range of real estate services for homeowners, commercial property owners, and investors.

Coakley has shown his commitment to Rockville through his business relationships, contributions to charitable and non-profit organizations, and his personal and professional support of their causes – Community Ministries of Rockville, Stepping Stones Shelter, Leadership Montgomery, and Peerless Rockville, to name a few.

I am very excited about this new venture, and about being associated with such an outstanding leader of Rockville’s business community. So please, think of me and of Coakley Realty when buying, selling or leasing a home or commercial property, or if you need any help with other real estate matters. I promise you we will earn your trust and exceed your expectations. I look forward to helping you reach your real estate goals.

Call me at 301-340-8700, email me at

“If you’re considering a decision that concerns real estate, it deserves the attention of Coakley Realty’s Real Estate Experts!”

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