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Coakley Realty Management, LLC Exceeds Recent Real Estate Industry Challenges with 20+ Years of Success

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Coakley Realty Management, LLC Exceeds Recent Real Estate Industry Challenges with 20+ Years of Success Trusted, professional commercial and residential property management services from one of the region’s leading real estate firms are key for property owners amid uncertain real estate landscape

ROCKVILLE, MD — November, 3, 2021 — Rory S. Coakley Realty, Inc. (Coakley Realty), a premier full service residential and commercial real estate company in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area since 1989, celebrates the achievements of its commercial and residential property management arm, Coakley Realty Management, LLC (Coakley Realty Management) after more than 20 years in business. This success comes as a result of the targeted expertise and dedicated service approach that spans multiple generations. The property management side of the business aligns seamlessly with Coakley Realty’s overall commitment to operating as a full-service provider with a one-stop shop of expertise and professional solutions for clients’ real estate needs.

Founded in 1999 by Rory S. Coakley and James C. Dailey, Coakley Realty Management, LLC combines Rory’s real estate background on the leasing side with James’ MBA and CPA experience on property management. Coakley Realty Management has seen sustained organic growth over the last several years, adding 5-15% in the number of clients and a minimum of 15% revenue growth year-over-year as pandemic leasing challenges abate. The value of properties under management now exceeds $60M.

“To us, success is measured by our continued growth and the large number of satisfied clients, several of whom we have served for over two decades,” said Rory S. Coakley, Co-Founder of Coakley Realty Management, LLC. “We pride ourselves on treating our clients the way we want to be treated and delivering industry-leading service to assure them that their real estate assets are in capable hands at all times.”

Critical to Coakley Realty Management’s achievements to-date, particularly as the pandemic dealt additional challenges to the real estate market, are:

• The proactivity and responsiveness of its service approach. More now than ever, tenants require numerous skills from a property management partner, along with the ability to move quickly to address issues and maintenance requests.
• In-depth knowledge of leasing markets. Shifting market dynamics have made commercial locations, such as office spaces, even more important, and an expert partner is an asset to navigating the current climate successfully.
• Multiple multi-generational relationships in commercial and residential properties. Coakley Realty Management serves several generations of client property owners, retaining them through the quality service, responsiveness, and expertise they deliver that understands the importance of the assets they possess and is committed to providing the peace of mind that their properties are well-maintained.
• Expertise with an array of asset types and unique properties. Coakley Realty Management serves residential single-family homes and other rental properties, office buildings, retail space, warehouses, shopping centers, and other types of assets, such as churches, fraternity houses, and embassy buildings.

“Our team brings a dynamic synergy that delivers exceptional benefits to the clients we serve,” said James C. Dailey, Property Manager and Co-Owner, Coakley Realty Management, LLC. “The combination of real estate expertise, financial knowledge, and management know-how is key to our ability to retain happy owners who are confident that their properties are well-maintained by a partner they can trust, thus enhancing their property values over the long-term.”

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About Coakley Realty
Founded in 1989, Coakley Realty is a premier full service residential and commercial real estate company in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area specializing in residential and commercial real estate sales and leasing, property management, tax appeals, appraisals, and litigation support. Coakley Realty’s staff of experienced and knowledgeable real estate consultants offers home buyers, home sellers and business owners the best in real estate services and higher levels of expertise in analysis and negotiating skills. For more information, please visit

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