How do I prepare my property for tenants?

If you’re wondering how to get a house ready to rent, you’re not alone. Many property owners aren’t sure how, exactly, to get their home or investment property ready for tenants to move in. When you hire an experienced property manager from Coakley Realty, he or she can help you walk through the steps of getting your home ready for renters.

Step 1: Make sure the property is up-to-date with all laws and compliances.

Before you do anything else, your property manager will need to address all legal requirements and compliances such as:

  • Making sure your property has rental insurance coverage
  • Complying with all health and safety codes
  • Understanding lease and rental agreements

Your property manager will have a complete and thorough understanding of all tenant-landlord law necessary to make the best decisions for your property.

Step 2: Make any necessary repairs to the property.

When thinking about how to get a house ready to rent, one of the most important things is making all the necessary repairs and upgrades. This can include anything from doing yard work and carpet cleaning to repairing or replacing plumbing, electrical or HVAC equipment. Some of these things will simply improve the market potential and value for your property while others will help make it a safe environment for your tenants.

Step 3: Do thorough inspections of your property.

An incredibly important part of how to get a house ready to rent is performing inspections. Prior to move-in, the property will need to be inspected top to bottom—not only will this give you a baseline by which to judge how the property is being maintained and the extent of damage after the tenants move out, it can also alert you to any maintenance or safety issues in the house that have not already been addressed.

Before you think about putting your property up for lease, find out how to get a house ready to rent from the professionals at Coakley Realty. Contact us today to get started!