Commercial Real Estate Litigation Support in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

The professionals at Coakley Realty have been providing commercial and residential real estate and property management services to the Washington Metropolitan area since 1925. In addition to appraisals, tax appeals, tax assessments, and land development, we also offer litigation support for clients who need help defending their commercial investment. Our experts will review your case and make recommendations based on what they believe to be best for you and your property. From financial information to leasing and contract disputes, we can handle any litigation needs you may have.

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Commercial Real Estate Litigation Needs

While legal action is not our default suggestion, it can sometimes be unavoidable because of another involved party. At Coakley Realty, our mission is to protect any commercial real estate investment you’ve made by leveraging our knowledge of property laws and our countless connections in this industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re the landlord or the tenant—we provide services for owners, developers, purchasers, and more! Some examples of when you might need commercial real estate litigation support include:

  • Purchase or sale contracts
  • Land use
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord vs. tenant disputes
  • Management disagreements
  • Foreclosure
  • And more!

No matter the reason, the highly-experienced experts at Coakley Realty are here to provide guidance and results for your commercial real estate legal issues. By taking the time to familiarize ourselves with the specific details of your dispute, we can offer professional recommendations in an effort to get your desired results.

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When you need strategic, thoughtful, and realistic litigation support, trust Coakley Realty to handle your case! Through the excellent customer service we provide, and the strong reputation we uphold in the community, it’s evident that we care about our clients. We strive to be a residential and commercial real estate company of excellence, integrity, and tradition. When you want to resolve a dispute, or get the most out of a contract or lease agreement, our team can make the process easy and successful. Don’t continue paying for false promises while letting tension build—get the answers you deserve!

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