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Top 5 Real Estate Trends to Watch in the Washington, DC Metro Area

1. DC Housing Market Remains Hot

As politics continues to heat up, so have the property needs of the folks moving into this industry town—what a great opportunity for real estate agents to capitalize on. The DC housing market thrives as home values rise and homeowners see an increase in the equity of their properties. Millennials are also entering the home buying market as they obtain more sustainable income and better debt to income ratios. With Coakley Realty, team members gain the inside scoop on constructing the best revenue streams from the wide variety of products we have to offer.

2. Upscale “Rightsizing”

For the next decade, baby boomers will look to move out of their family homes to seek properties that meet their own personal needs. Living longer and better, these home hunters want more features and amenities in their next chapter home. Local real estate developers have taken notice, and in response, they’ve constructed upscale multi-unit, multi-use properties throughout the region that have convenience and accessibility in mind.  As this trend continues, the need for more knowledgeable agents and property managers will grow as well. When you join Coakley Realty, you will gain the tools and knowledge to fully advise clients to find the property that caters to their distinct needs.

3. Smart Home Technology to Increase Productivity and Support

One of the hottest trends in real estate is smart home technology. Though energy efficiency and security tend to rank as the highest benefits for property owners, convenient smart tech can also increase productivity and provide accessibility for those who need it. Savvy sellers and developers are choosing to offer these modernized features in both new construction and existing properties. At Coakley Realty, we make sure our team stays on top of market trends and changes. And with our full-service model, our agents have resources in their reach to cater to and serve the needs of their clients.

4. Living and Loving the Single Life Longer

A growing segment of property seeker is the single and loving it buyer. These home hunters are not looking to raise families. They want to enjoy the benefits of independence and have the means to invest their income into real estate.  These clients would benefit from both new development and renovated properties, especially in locations that offer both car-friendly and car-free options. When you work with Coakley Realty, the leading, family-owned full-service realty firm in the Washington metropolitan area, you will know how to point clients in the right direction.

5. Small Garden Landscaping to Take Advantage of Side Yards

Many homebuyers are looking to make a smaller environmental footprint and opting for smaller homes closer to the city center. Oftentimes, smaller homes leave owners with limited land to enjoy. Homeowners have more options to reimagine their limited green space from Zen gardens to small garden landscaping and living wall design. Agents will learn everything they need to know about our market’s best neighborhoods, properties, and zoning requirements from the experienced team of locals here at Coakley Realty.