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A Spotlight on Ursula Odiaga Iannone, Coakley Realty

Meet Ursula Odiaga Iannone, a member of our award-winning team of real estate experts. Ursula by nature is very intuitive, detail-oriented and a great listener. All key attributes her clients have appreciated and contribute to her success.

With extensive local ties, having graduated from Visitation Preparatory School and the Georgetown University Law Center, she has also lived and worked in Fairfax County, Montgomery County, and Washington, D.C. These deep roots and local knowledge have been key in her ability to help her clients accomplish their real estate goals.

Additionally, a unique attribute that Ursula brings to the Coakley Realty team is her ability to speak Spanish, opening the doors to better serve the local Latino community. With a background in International Relations, Iannone knows the ins and outs of conducting international real estate transactions. She understands the importance culture and background play in making a significant life decision such as buying or selling a home.

Ursula utilizes her experience as an international trade lawyer, U.S. diplomat, business consultant, mother, and coach. Additionally, her positive energy and dedication helps her get in front of the properties that align with her clients’ needs, regardless of their cultural or language barriers.

“There are ways you can get around your foreign language deficiencies and still work with international clients successfully, but it’s also important to understand the unique connection you create with clients when you speak their language. It makes it special,” says Ursula.

If you’re looking for a bilingual real estate agent in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC who speaks Spanish and will help you navigate the real estate process and meet your goals, contact Ursula Odiaga Iannone today at 240-505-4739.