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Why Shouldn’t I Manage a Property Myself?

Property investment is one of the most exciting business ventures our team can think of. There is a lot to do, the potential for returns is outright massive, and your business can grow and build at a pace you set yourself. Sounds great, right? It is! However, let’s go back to that first point for a moment. “There is a lot to do”. If you’ve ever handled investment property, you know well that that may well be the understatement of the year!

At Coakley Realty, our experts offer top-class property management services that optimize your business and maximize your returns with none of the stress. Wondering why managing property all on your own might not be the best idea? Follow along to see what our experts have to say.

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Why Can’t I Manage My Own Properties?

You absolutely, certainly can. And no one would tell you otherwise! This is your business, and you are empowered to make your own decisions. However, we can give you a lot of reasons why you can, but you really shouldn’t.

Without a property management team that is dedicated to your success, you will find trouble with:

  • Maintaining the structure of your properties. Building maintenance alone has sunk many a property owner before they ever even got their feet off the ground. There are daily, routine maintenance tasks that need to be keep up with, emergency repair calls at all hours, and contractor agreements that need to be established.
  • Finding and keeping up with quality tenants. A “quality tenant” is one that pays on time, respects your property, and above all else, respects the lease agreement to a tee. And unfortunately, finding a quality tenant isn’t always as easy as one would hope. Late payments and property damage are entirely too common, and can present you with countless headaches.
  • Keeping accurate financial records. Records that are off by even a hair can have a huge, long-reaching impact on your business. You can incur fees, lose profits, and you may even find yourself on the wrong side of financial laws!
  • Establishing an effective network. To retain a healthy business, you need access to vendors, service contractors, healthy tenant pools, and much more. Knowing where to start can be hard enough, and finding the right networks can be even worse.

Property Management Professionals in DC, MD & VA

Looking through all of this, you might wonder how business owners ever get anything done at all! The secret is all in having the right property management team! Professional property managers handle all of the things we mentioned above, freeing you up to build your business and enjoy the benefits of your effort.

Ready to reap all of the benefits that a professional team of property management experts? Contact Coakley Realty today!