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Should I Stage My Home?

If you’re getting ready to sell your house in the DC metro area, you have many important decisions to make. One of these decisions is whether you should stage your home. Is it really worth the cost and extra work?

Before we answer the question, “Should I stage my home?” it’s important to understand that staging isn’t as expensive or time consuming as you think. The cost isn’t nearly as much as your first anticipated price reduction (which may not occur if the staging impresses buyers enough), and you need to clean and de-clutter in preparation for moving anyway. The decorations undoubtedly change and become less personal in the staging process, but the time you have left in your home is brief. The value of staging is undeniable when you break down the facts.

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Reasons to Stage Your Home

  • Make a perfect first impression: The time to stage your home is just before you list it on the market. Don’t waste time showing your home in its un-staged condition; instead, make it your top priority so every potential buyer who walks through gets the perfect first impression. After all, no one lives in an empty house, and there’s no better way than staging to showcase potential furniture layouts and give buyers a better representation of what the home looks like at its best.
  • Get the highest offer: A well-staged home is more visually appealing than a tidied up home or a completely empty one. Everyone wants to live in a home that looks like it could appear on a magazine cover, and that’s the appeal staging gives your home. Even though potential buyers know they can’t keep the furnishings, the staging creates an inviting, comfortable setting they can picture themselves in. Your home becomes more desirable and therefore potential buyers are willing to offer more.
  • Sell your home faster: If you’re worried about the time and effort it takes to stage your home, consider the shorter amount of time it takes to sell a well-staged home—and who doesn’t want to get the selling process over with quickly? According to the Association of Property Scene Designers, staged homes sell 43 percent faster than un-staged ones.
  • Learn tips for your new home: You might never have worked with a designer before, and that’s okay. Everything about your home decorating—from the picture arrangement above the couch to the oversized armchair in the study—may work just fine for you, but your professional stager can show you a “better” way to decorate your home to showcase its fullest potential. You may be just about to move, but you can take these concepts with you to your new home.

If your hope is to maximize the sale, professional staging is your best bet. Combined with the help of an experienced real estate agent, you can’t go wrong by taking the time to stage your home. For more information about selling your property faster at the price you want, please contact Coakley Realty online or call us at 301-340-8700 to schedule a consultation.