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What Services Are Included in Property Management?

Real estate investments can be a great way to generate residual income, but if you own more than a few residential or commercial properties, it can also be a considerable amount of work. From finding and keeping quality tenants to maintaining each property and staying on top of the financial paperwork, your investments can easily turn into a full-time job.

With a comprehensive property management service, you can leave much of that work to professionals who can do it more efficiently and cost-effectively, freeing your time and potentially increasing your returns.

Are you considering a property management service? Contact Coakley Realty online or give us a call at 301-340-8700 for professional property management services anywhere in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC!

Residential & Commercial Property Management Services

A full-service property management company can help you through every aspect of owning an investment property, from marketing vacant properties and finding qualified tenants to buying or selling prime real estate. At Coakley Realty, our property management services include:

  • Investment property purchases and sales – Our experts can help you find properties that will earn the best returns and, when the time is right, we can help you maximize profits when you sell through innovative, professional marketing of your commercial and residential properties.
  • Marketing and leasing properties – We can help you market your rental properties to attract the best tenants, and we can handle all the lease arrangements and administration services.
  • Qualifying tenants – Our team can fill vacancies in your buildings with quality tenants, handling everything from marketing the property and interviewing potential tenants to checking backgrounds and drafting lease agreements.
  • Rent collection – Our personnel can collect and manage rental payments, keeping accurate records and ensuring that lease agreements are fulfilled.
  • Property maintenance – From inspecting each property as required to hiring contractors for repairs and providing 24-hour emergency services, we take care of all the maintenance needs for your properties, keeping them in prime condition.
  • Financial reporting and services – Our experts can manage all the financial aspects of your investment properties, including budgeting, rent rolls, monthly reporting, balance sheets, direct deposits, and more.

With our services, you can enjoy the financial benefits of owning an investment property without the need to handle day-to-day operations. And thanks to our extensive experience in the real estate industry, we have the knowledge and relationships to ensure that you get the most out of your investments.

Property Management Services in MD, VA & DC

When you need professional, reliable property management in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC area, contact our team at Coakley Realty. Since 1989, we have been offering comprehensive residential and commercial property management services throughout the region, and we currently manage over 350 tenants. Whether you currently have properties that need management services, or you are thinking about buying your first property, we can help.

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