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3 Things No One Tells You About Property Management

For many property owners, choosing to take advantage of experienced property managers is a no-brainer. For others, many of which who have been burned in the past, they’re a no-go. The service is a vital one, but it’s not always clear cut on whether or not you stand to really gain. Why? Because no one talks about property management. It’s mentioned peripherally on occasion, but no one really talks about it.

Want to know three big things about property management in MD, VA, and DC that no one ever tells you? Coakley Realty has plenty to say on the topic!

Three Things No One Tells You about Property Management

We could go for five, or even eight, but let’s start with the big three today.

They Do More Than Just Maintenance

For many property owners, commercial, residential, or otherwise, the word property manager is synonymous with “maintenance crew”. But a high-quality property management team can do so much more than that! Experienced and complete management teams can handle everything from renovations, to tenant management, to marketing, and even complete record keeping.

The true goal of a proper property manager is to handle all aspects of your business as needed. We do the lifting, and you get to reap the benefits, whether you just want to enjoy them, or put them toward bigger and better things for your investment business.

They Can Net You Better Tenants

Managing tenants and their needs is one thing, but a good management team can outright bring better tenants into your properties–and keep them there! A big part of professional property management is marketing, tenant screening, and tenant management. We aim to find the best tenants out there (for your sake, and for ours, too), attract them, and keep them. The best management professionals boast exceptionally high tenant retention rates, which is something you should actively check for when seeking a property management team.

Good Property Managers Exist!

There are countless horror stories out there. Everything from “managing your manager” to actual frauds. And we’re not going to try and debunk those. Bad managers exist for sure, but great ones do, too. Your advantage is that we live in the information age, and folks who run a bad business can’t really hide as well these days.

We would urge you to do your homework when looking for a proper management team. Check reviews, have a sit-down with prospective management teams, follow up on said reviews by contacting current and or previous clients. You have the tools to find the right team for you, and with the right team on your side, you can go miles and be less stressed doing it!

Professional Property Management in Maryland

The expert service team at Coakley Realty currently serves nearly four hundred properties all throughout Maryland and Virginia. We make it our goal to ensure you get the most out of our service, and out of your business. Contact our agents today to find out more!