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Tips of the Trade by Michael P. Coakley

Relationships, Passion, and the Importance of ALWAYS Doing the Right Thing

A Spotlight on Michael P. Rose, Coakley Realty

Michael P. Rose has built an enviable career that is the stuff of real estate legend. His reputation and network of contacts and referrals can be credited to his client-first mentality, dedication to making the sale, and a constant commitment to always doing the right thing.

After meeting Rory Coakley while taking his class at Georgetown University, the New Jersey native quickly knew real estate was something he wanted to do; and Rory was the one he wanted to do it with. Michael hit the ground running, learning from Rory. They worked as a team, where Rory brought the connections and Michael closed deals with his ‘sell, sell, sell’ mentality and personality. Before long, Michael was running his own team and making his own business goals a realityand he hasn’t slowed down since.

Today, no agent would turn down a chance to work with Michael. He has built a rapport across all sides of the selling and contract situations, and brings his deep commitment to always doing the right thing and giving back to everything he does and everyone he works with. In response to a question about one of his proudest moments of his career, Michael shared an anecdote that encapsulates his character and professionalism perfectly. In this instance early in his career, Michael found himself turning down more than $70,000 in additional commission by putting his clients’ needs first, and advising them to take the more advantageous offer in the sale of their house instead of the other that would lead to a higher return for him. Although this resulted in perhaps short-term financial losses, it earned unmatched amounts of long-term respect in the process not only of his client, but of the other buyer and their agent as well. It was not long before Michael made his money back in future deals that came from doing the right thing.

Michael is a true exemplification of a consummate real estate leader and person, because of his passion for pursuing and closing the deal, while championing his clients interest above his ownall the while being a team player with Coakley Realty, his family, and his charitable causes.

“In this business, you don’t just walk in the door and start selling like crazy,” Michael said. “The learning, training, and mentorship aspect of the industry is monumentally important, and the ‘door always open’ policy at Coakley Realty, coupled with the tight-knit team, is an ideal environment to learn the business and see the power of the ‘mushroom’ effect in action once you grow your contacts and referral networks and it starts building on itself. Coakley Realty personifies professionalism, family, and the value of giving back that are key influences in my life and work—it’s home for me!”