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How to Sell a House in the Wintertime

With the proper preparation and the support of an experienced real estate agency, selling in the wintertime can be a great decision. On average, winter properties tend to sell faster—and you’ll be dealing with less competition, which means you can potentially list your home for more. Real estate agents have a lighter workload, meaning they can put more time and effort into your listing. Finally, you don’t have to stress over the greenery and landscaping that’s so important during the warmer months.

Still, if you’re looking to sell your property in the thick of winter, there are a few things you should probably do.

Audit Your Home

The first thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is look into scheduling a tune-up for your home. Invest in a home energy audit—many HVAC companies offer them. A home energy audit will tell you if there are any weak points in your home, and if so, where they are. If your property has any areas where its energy efficiency is less than inspiring, put some effort into fixing them up! In the winter, any drafts or gaps in your home are going to be very noticeable and might put off a potential buyer.

Gauge the Market

Get an idea of what the current housing market looks like. If you’re listing your house too low, you’re going to miss out on profits. Conversely, if you’re listing it too high, you might not see as many buyers. When you’re considering your listing price, however, also remember to factor in your home’s selling points and features. If your listing has a fireplace, an office with a cozy bay window, or an excellent walk score, then be sure to boast them. If your house is the only one in a certain price range with these features, that gives your home a unique advantage!

Cozy It Up

This goes for selling during any time of the year, but in the wintertime, you especially want your home to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. Make sure the heat is on when you’ve got showings scheduled, throw open the curtains to let fresh, natural light in, and if the house has great landscaping or a beautiful yard, put up some photos of how the place looks throughout the year, not just in the middle of winter.

Lean on the Professionals at Coakley Realty!

If you’re looking to sell a home in the wintertime, you’ll want a real estate company to have your back. Selling without the support of an experienced real estate agent can lead to all kinds of complications and difficulties, so don’t risk it!

Listing, showing, and selling homes takes experience, knowledge and general know-how. Our agents at Coakley Realty would love to help you sell your home, so be sure to contact our team!