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How to Find Housing for Military Families

Finding housing for military families in a safe, affordable location can be a challenge. But when you work with a property management company like Coakley Realty, we can help your family settle down in the perfect housing situation. This way, when duty calls, your home can be seamlessly leased out to other tenants without worry. Working with a property management company also helps prevent you from paying the consequences of a breached rental contract.

How is all this possible? With Coakley Realty at your service, you can find quality housing for your military family and enjoy benefits that simply aren’t possible if you don’t work with a property management company. Learn more about finding housing for military families by calling us today at 301-340-8700 or contact us online!

How Coakley Realty Can Help You

Here’s how we can help you find housing for your military family:

  • Find the exact type of living situation you want – don’t do the property hunting alone; instead, trust Coakley Realty to help make your search quick and easy. Whether you’re looking for a rental home, condo, townhouse, or duplex, we’ve got the types of properties you’re looking for.
  • Rent a home – finding a home or apartment to rent is difficult when you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where you plan to relocate. A rental property makes good housing for military families who may need to relocate because of deployment or transfers. We can make sure the rental contract includes a stipulation releasing you from the contract should either of these events occur.
  • Buy a home – deciding to purchase a home is undoubtedly the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. If you’re thinking about buying instead of renting a property, take the time to go house-hunting with your family ahead of time. You want to end up in a house and location that meets your family’s every need.
  • Become a property owner – if you choose to buy instead of rent, and you get stationed elsewhere, Coakley Realty can lease out and manage your home while you’re gone. You don’t have to worry about your home while you’re away for months at a time (or longer) when a property management company has your back. In fact, if your new station becomes your permanent place of residence, you can continue to own your previous property without the trouble and inconvenience of managing it alone. The extra income without the fuss of being a property manager is an excellent option we provide.

Military families, along with many other tenants and real estate investors, trust their property buying and renting decisions to Coakley Realty. If you’re still deciding whether we’re the right property management company to find housing for military families in the Washington DC area, contact us today to learn more! We can help you choose which type of housing is best for your family now and in the unpredictable future.