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3 Things No One Tells You About Buying a Home

Purchasing your first home is one of those things we all look forward to. The freedom, the possibilities; even the sense of ownership itself is a reward all its own. But even though we’re all excited to make the purchase, it’s not all roses and happiness. Buying a home is hard, and it is complex.

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What No One Wants To Tell You About Buying a Home in Maryland

Don’t get us wrong here…buying a home is a great, happy, and wonderful experience. It’s just that the process is not always easy. We’re all for good times, we’re just not all about over romanticising things to make a sale.

There is Going to be Tons of Paperwork

Get your pen hand ready, and while you’re at it look into getting a spare for both the pen and your hand if you can swing it. You’re going to hate the smell of ink by the end of it, and you’ll get to know things like credit scores, past residences, tax information, and many other forms really well by the end.

Your Budget Is Going to Get Challenged

By like, everything. You’ll look at homes outside of your budget, you will start looking for wiggle room, and even once you’ve chosen a place, there are initial fees and contracted costs you’ll have to factor in. You’ll also need to remember everything from change the locks to getting the place repainted, not to mention closing and appraisal costs.

Budgets are super important, and you’d do well to set one in stone before you get started. Just be aware that a lot of things are going to challenge it, and you’ll have a lot of sticking to your guns to do.

Who You Work With Matters. A Lot.

And this will even impact the above points, too. Working with the right real estate agents means that you get what you’re looking for, and it means that “the plan” and “the budget” are going to go a lot more like they did in your head going into this.

Your local real estate agent should be:

  • Experienced. They should know the local market, they should have a lot of time under their belt, and they should be accustomed to the legal ins and outs of Maryland specifically.
  • Trustworthy. Online reports and reviews do wonders here. There are some shysters out there, and you don’t want to complicate an already complex process by working with someone who doesn’t have your interests at heart.
  • Friendly. Yes, friendly matters. Your agent is going to be someone you work with a lot, and for a good long while. If they are rude, prone to answering questions poorly, or clearly don’t give a foot about how this goes for you, then they aren’t worth your time.

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