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A Homeowner’s Guide to Finding a Good Property Manager

As you go through the process of finding and buying or renting a home, you probably have a checklist of things that you want in a new living space. Maybe you’re dreaming of a spacious kitchen. Perhaps you are hoping for a roomy closet. No matter your home needs, one of the most important factors to consider is your property manager. Because they are in charge of rent, repairs, and updates for the property, it is vital that you find a property manager that you can trust.

The property management team at Coakley Realty aims to maintain buildings, run operations smoothly, and foster positive relationships with our tenants. We pride ourselves in being a reliable property management company in the DC metro area—of course, how can you be sure that your property manager is the best for you and your home needs? We’ve compiled some questions to think about as you embark on the journey to find a new place to live.

Is Your Property Manager Reliable?

When it comes to your future home, it’s important to make sure the person managing your space will keep you updated on everything from rent to maintenance. Here are a few ways to determine whether or not your potential property management company is worth your time:

  • See how long the company has been in business. Chances are, if a company has been managing properties in your area for a while, they have likely been trusted by your community members and neighbors. You can usually learn about a company’s history on their website’s about us.
  • Check out the company’s website. Typically, you can find out a lot about a property management group just from the internet. Their website should give you information about their services, property listings, and company values. You also may be able to fill out a contact form and get in contact with the company so that you can learn more!
  • Meet with a rep and take note of your first impression. Does your potential property manager make you feel at ease? Do they speak knowledgeably about the listing? Or do you get the sense that you might be able to find a more reliable property manager elsewhere? Your initial meeting with this real estate rep should get you excited about living in their property, not unsettled!

Will Your Property Manager Accommodate You?

This question is a particularly important one. Because your potential property manager likely is in charge of a number of properties, you need someone who is organized and dedicated to making your life comfortable and easy. Here are some factors to think about:

  • How does your property manager address maintenance issues? Something in your home may need repairs—or worse, you may need emergency services! Make sure to ask about how the manager handles maintenance problems.
  • What mode of contact does your property manager prefer? Because property managers are always on the go, you want to feel comforted by the fact that you contact them nonetheless.
  • How organized is your property manager? Let’s be honest; if the person who is supposed to be keeping your rent checks, bills, and paperwork in line happens to be forgetful and disorganized, it may be a good idea to find a new company.

Find Trusted Property Management Services Today!

Coakley Realty has been a dependable and leading property management company in the metropolitan DC area since 1925! With a goal to bring excellence, integrity, and tradition to every client, our team has provided committed and caring services to the community, offering property management among a myriad of other services.

Call Coakley Realty today for our trusted property management services or fill out a contact form.