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How to Find Commercial Investment Property

So you want to buy a commercial investment property—how do you know where to start? The experts at Coakley Realty have been helping investors in the DC metro area find profitable commercial investment properties for over 25 years, and we can help you find and purchase real estate that is perfect for your needs and budget.

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Find Commercial Investment Property

There are a few things you need to do when you want to find commercial investment property:

  1. Enlist the help of an expert – the first step to any successful investment opportunity is to enlist the help of an expert in the field. At Coakley Realty, we are fully staffed with experienced real estate agents who can help you through every step of the process when it comes to finding a commercial investment property.
  2. Determine a budget – the next part of finding a commercial investment property is equally as important as finding a professional to help—and that’s determining your budget. Whether that means speaking to a lender or another investor, you need to know what price range your ideal building needs to be in.
  3. Choose the type of commercial property – there are many different types of commercial properties on the market, from retail establishments and warehouses to hospitals and apartment complexes. It’s best if you know what type of commercial property you’re looking for.
  4. Select a location – different geographic areas are going to have different returns on investment based on the average rental rates for that area and more. Your real estate agent from Coakley Realty will be able to help you find a location that is going to be profitable.

Your work isn’t over once you’ve secured the parameters for your investment property. You’ll need to work through the buying process and then find suitable tenants for your building. This is another way that Coakley Realty can help you be successful—we offer commercial property management services, including helping you find reliable tenants, rent collection, building maintenance, and more! Call us today to get started with one of our agents.

Find a Commercial Investment Property in the DC Area

If you want to find a commercial investment property in the DC area, look no further than Coakley Realty. We can help you not only find commercial properties, but also ensure your investment is a success.

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