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How to Choose a Commercial Real Estate Company

Choosing a commercial real estate company can be a trying process. Your broker must be skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and able to match your ideals and goals. This can sometimes be a taller order than you may have anticipated. Looking for assistance in how to choose the perfect company to suit your needs? The team at Coakley Realty can assist!

Our experts have been a leader in commercial sale and purchase for decades, providing commercial business owners and prospective buyers with peerless skill and knowledge. When it comes to spying the perfect team to suit your needs, we lead by example.

How Do I Find My Commercial Real Estate Company?

The secret is in matching a company with your specific needs. There are, of course, overlaying concerns that should be looked to as well, such as appropriate documentation. When you’re looking for the best, you need to scratch more than just the surface. Use these questions to help you make your pick:

  • Does the company have experience that suits my purposes? Commercial realty is a blanket term when it comes to how nuanced and faceted the business can really be. If you’re looking to purchase or sell, for example, properties for shopping districts or strip malls, you want a team that has experience in handling these properties and types of deals specifically. A team that is out of their depth is really of little use to you.
  • What does the company’s reputation look like? Reviews, awards, certifications; all readily available through some open communication and the magic of the internet. If you see a company that appeals to you, do some research and find out if they stack up. It is possible that you’ll be rewarded with glowing praise from previous consumers and a plethora of ideal information. But it is also possible that this step will allow you to dodge a bullet you didn’t anticipate.
  • What do previous clients have to say? The only trouble with reviews is that they tend to be, for the most part, from satisfied consumers. If you can, get a list of past clients to do some homework of your own. You may discover a particular weakness or sore spot in business that a past client encountered.
  • Can I meet with a representative of the company easily? Open communication is going to be a very, very big deal in the coming future with your chosen company. If you have an ideal candidate, reach out to them. If a representative is easily reached, displays a clear understanding and mastery of your needs, and works easily with you throughout the meeting, then you’re certainly on the right track.

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