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Why NOW Is the Time to Buy Investment Properties

Have you been thinking about ways to increase your income? Going back and forth about buying an investment property? Well, the real estate experts at Coakley Realty are here to tell you the time is now!

renters at new investment property

If you want to buy investment properties, there’s really no time like the present—our current economy and housing mind-frame is the perfect combination to make being an investment property owner very profitable.

If you are an investor looking to buy properties in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC, contact Coakley Realty today!

Why Buy Investment Properties Now?

There are many reasons why now is the time to buy investment properties, including:

Rental rates are on the rise

Particularly in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, rental rates are on the rise! Most renters are ready and willing to pay a premium for nice housing in our area—and with the help of an experienced property manager, you can set the ideal rent price to attract tenants and make a profit!

Mortgage rates are low

This is an excellent reason to buy investment properties now because you can snap up housing while the mortgage rates are incredibly low! And a low-interest rate coupled with the high rent prices equals an even bigger profit for you.

There is a huge influx of renters

Every year, there are many new renters looking to find a home. What that means is that when you buy investment properties, there will always be a willing tenant to pay—and our professional property managers at Coakley Realty can help you find the best tenants for your property.

The rental market is healthy

Rental properties are filling quickly with high-quality tenants. There are many former homeowners who are looking to rent rather than buy another home.

Buy Investment Properties in MD, VA & DC

There’s no time like the present to buy investment properties in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area—and you can even add to your income hassle-free by contacting Coakley Realty! We can not only help you find and buy investment properties, but we can provide experienced property management services in MD, VA, and DC. Call us today to learn more!