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Best Industries for Commercial Real Estate in Montgomery County

According to the Maryland Department of Commerce¹, Montgomery County is “the most populous and affluent jurisdiction, main economic engine, and most stable office market” in the entire state. Located right above Washington, DC, it is also known as a “federal and advanced technology marketplace,” with many biotech, healthcare, telecommunications, and educational facilities. No matter where you’re looking to make an investment in commercial real estate, it’s important to first research the industries in that area to get a better understanding of the commercial climate. You wouldn’t want to spend your time and money on a business that isn’t going to be popular or well-received, so knowing which industries are the best for commercial properties is incredibly important.

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Best Commercial Real Estate Industries

In an area so close to our nation’s capital, it’s understandable that many federal, state, and local government offices and organizations are housed in Montgomery County. In addition to John Hopkins University’s Montgomery County campus and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, there are also many healthcare and higher education employers in this part of Maryland. In 2016, a list of major employers in Montgomery County confirmed this information and offered some insight into the most popular industries in the area. Among the top industries were:

  • Medical research and services
  • Hotels and motels
  • Higher education
  • Construction
  • Insurance and financial activities
  • Telecommunications

Commercial real estate is a very rewarding investment when you find the right location, building, price, and size. However, aligning your property preferences with the needs of the community is a significant part of the process. That’s why researching the best industries for commercial real estate is a valuable practice that can pay off in a big way.

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As the commercial real estate industry continues to grow and expand, the insight that a professional agent can offer is increasingly valuable. At Coakley Realty, we can help you find the right commercial real estate property for your industry, your needs, and your budget! From finding the property and drafting up and agreeing upon a contract, to developing the land and managing your property—we do it all! We’ve been providing residential and commercial real estate and property management in areas like Montgomery County, Maryland since 1989. After serving this area for many years, we’ve come to view every client as a member of our shared community. Let us help you invest in one of the best industries for commercial real estate today!

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¹Maryland Department of Commerce, Brief Economic Facts