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Empty Nest? 7 Updates Worth Doing Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Empty Nest? Looking to downsize now that everyone is out of the house? Renovations might be top of mind to ensure you get the most out of your investment. But, while simple upgrades can boost your home price, not all renovations have an equal impact on what your home is worth, especially if you’ve had your home for over 20-30 years. Here are 7 high-ROI renovations worth doing before putting your home for sale.

1. Small Cosmetic Touches

From replacing worn-out or strained carpeting to a new coat of paint, small cosmetic touches can go a long way while refreshing the look of your home. You can also refinish existing hardwood floors or deep clean ceramic-tiled floors. If you are looking to make minor upgrades that add style, consider swapping out fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Improving Energy Efficiency

Replace windows, lighting, appliances, HVAC system, and thermostat with energy-efficient upgrades that will benefit you before and after selling your home. Energy-efficient upgrades have a wide range of appeal. Homebuyers and renters favor these upgrades in homes due to the potential long-term savings. With these upgrades, you are more likely to recoup some of the cost of renovation and enjoy lower energy bills ahead of your move.

3. Spruce Up Your Exterior

Improving the landscaping of your property helps make a great first impression on prospective buyers. You can hire a landscaper to refresh mulch, trim shrubs, and plant seasonal colorful plants, or you could do it yourself. You could also pressure wash the exterior to remove dirt and mold, or just paint the front door and trim. These small investments enhance property and value when selling a home.

4. Deck and Patio Installation

If you are looking for something more than just upgrading your yard, decks offer a respectable return on investment, and when done well, can add hundreds or even thousands to your home’s value. It’s not actually the best place to start, but if you’ve got the other basics covered, a deck is a great way to give yourself an edge when selling.

5. Updated Bathrooms

If your bathrooms are outdated, even minor bathroom upgrades and updates can make a home more attractive. Upgraded fixtures offer a cost-efficient way to add lots of value to your home without too much effort or time.

6. Home Addition

More space always sells, period. Not only will a home addition add considerable value, but it may also make the home much easier to sell. The best additions include adding a finished basement and/or attic. These types of additions avoid the higher cost of a ground-up room addition.

7. Remodeled Kitchen

If swapping small fixtures in the kitchen is not enough, you may want to start thinking about remodeling the kitchen. However, not all kitchen remodels result in a significant return on investment.

Working with a local Realtor® can help you to decide what upgrades make sense to invest in, so your home meets the expectations of buyers in your market.

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