Real Estate Agents in Washington, DC

When you plan on doing real estate business in the DC area, the assistance of a team that carries the experience and training needed to ensure your ventures are successful is vital. The real estate agents of Coakley Realty have been providing superior service to property investors and prospective buyers alike since 1925! We provide a full list of services to meet your needs, including:

The team at Coakley Realty has been doing flawless business in Washington, DC for decades. We can ensure a safe, easy service to meet any of your real estate service needs. Contact the real estate agents at Coakley online today!

Real Estate Services in Washington, DC

Our services were built to ensure you have complete access to a wide array of options to suit your specific needs. Our real estate agents are the best in the business, and we can assist you with:

  • Purchasing homes. We are your partner in ensuring you find the perfect home. We’ve been operating here for years, and our real estate agents are second to none in knowledge and experience in the DC area.
  • Selling a home in DC. Placing your home on the market can be a difficult but rewarding experience. Our team can provide the services you need to ensure your home sells fairly, and quickly!
  • Property Management. Undertaking an investment in property is not without its pitfalls. But with the right management team at your side, property investment can be both lucrative and stress free. Our team provides comprehensive service to meet your every property management need.
  • Real Estate Appraisals. Our appraisal team is fast, flawless, and has the experience and training needed to perform your appraisals in a timely manner.
  • Real Estate Tax Appeals. There’s a very good chance that you’re paying in far too much when it comes to taxes. Our team can help you save thousands or even millions by filing an effective tax appeal!
  • Commercial Real Estate. Coakley Realty provides a complete list of services to suit your commercial real estate needs. You can count on our real estate agents to bring you the best in DC, guaranteed.
  • Other Services. From land development to litigation support, our services strive to cover all of your needs. To learn more about our additional real estate services, contact a Coakley team member today!

Superior Real Estate Agents in Washington, DC

The team at Coakley Realty puts a great importance on ensuring you have access to the best services, care, and real estate solutions in the DC area. Whether residential, commercial, or management, our dedication to quality stands unmatched. Contact a Coakley real estate agent today to learn more!





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