Try Our Interactive Property Search Map

Coakley Realty is proud to announce a new addition to our repertoire of real estate tools—our interactive property search map! This real-time geo-spatial search platform from SpatialMatch® allows you to fully customize your search, including features such as favorites, lifestyle searches, and more.

When you start your property search, you’ll see the following:

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There are four main ways you can narrow down and assess properties, including criteria for the home, your lifestyle, the value, and the area.

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In addition to these parameters, you can add keywords and perform advanced searches to ensure you find the homes that are just right for you.

Once you select the perfect options for your property search, property icons will pop up, and you can click on one to view more information.

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It will show the listing price, a picture, the address, and some quick facts. From this page, you can add the home to your favorites (you must be logged in to do this—it’s free!), share it online, or request more information about the home. You can also see more details about the home.

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Here you’ll see pictures, a description of the home, and more details about it.

If you want to see homes only in a specific area of your choosing, you can use the “draw to zoom” feature to narrow down the exact area you want to look at homes.

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This will cause the map to zoom in on those locations so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Try out our property search map for yourself today, and contact Coakley Realty to learn more about any property!




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