Commercial Lease Management in DC

If you own commercial property in the DC metro area, leasing it out and managing tenants can be very tedious and time-consuming. Coakley Realty handles the stressful aspects of owning commercial property so you can maximize the income stream of your investment. Our creative, dedicated, and experienced leasing team has assisted real estate investors with marketing, lease management, and tenant renewal for over 30 years.

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Our Commercial Property Leasing Services

A lease agreement usually specifies a set time frame for which a tenant agrees to rent a commercial space, such as six or 12 months. Alternatively, a rental agreement generally serves as a month-to-month contract with no set time frame for occupancy. Whether you choose to offer a lease or rental agreement, we can assist with the following:

  • Lease drafting: Writing a lease agreement can be overwhelming. To ensure you cover all your bases, allow Coakley Realty to help with this process.
  • Lease negotiation: Potential tenants may request compromises on some of the lease terms, such as the deposit, future rent escalations, assignability, or lease length. Having a commercial real estate agent by your side gives you the confidence you need to negotiate some of the terms while holding firm to others.
  • Lease execution: Your goal as a commercial real estate owner is to maintain a positive relationship with your tenants. We’ll help you uphold your responsibilities outlined in the lease and take any necessary actions if your tenants fail to uphold theirs.
  • Marketing and tenant vetting: Attracting trustworthy, qualified tenants is vital to the health of your investment portfolio. To do this, you need a superior marketing and vetting strategy in place. Coakley Realty can assist with getting your lease in front of the right prospects and choosing high-quality candidates to sign a lease agreement.

To tap into our expert commercial property leasing services in the DC metro area, please call Coakley Realty at 301-340-8700.

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If you have commercial real estate that you’re ready to lease out, get in touch with the team at Coakley Realty. We make owning and leasing commercial real estate less stressful and more predictable.

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