How do you select a qualified tenant for my property?

As this is one of the most important aspects of successful property management, our relators are very discerning in their selection process. Some of the things they will assess include:

  • Credit report history – We do this to determine the applicant’s current and past performance concerning their financial obligations. Checking the credit report history will also let us know the applicant’s monthly debt and credit score. All applicants will be required to meet our established credit standards.
  • Employment/income history – This allows us to verify the length of the applicant’s employment, status, and income.
  • Previous landlord references – We can learn about the applicant’s past payment and property upkeep performance.
  • Pets and other factors – We will determine if the applicant is planning on bringing anything into your home or investment property that you wouldn’t want to be there. Additionally, our property managers will ensure nothing being brought to your home would be against Home Owner Association regulations such as a boat, trailer, or too many vehicles in the driveway.

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