How To Map Out Your Real Estate Strategy For Today’s Housing Market

Current trends in the real estate have made it more difficult for both home buyers and sellers to navigate the market. In the Washington Post article “How to map out your real estate strategy for today’s housing market,” Rory S. Coakley offers valuable insight for people looking to move their real estate goals forward. In this piece, Rory recommends that sellers should invest in working with a local real estate agent to help with marketing and selling, consider a pre-inspection to prevent future conflict with buyers, and highlights the benefits of staging to facilitate the removal of clutter and help seller’s homes appear larger, which is an important factor to today’s buyer. Furthermore, home buyers should stabilize their budget and prepare for any additional costs when buying homes. Rory suggests that buyers get preapproved for a loan (this provides a sense of seriousness and helps in gaining early access to homes). Additionally, while it is important to be flexible with home options, buyers should determine their must-haves and deal breakers to ensure that they are buying a home that they will be happy with. To read more and see the full article click here.




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